Thomas Smith is in the top 10% of the best Catholic speakers today. He has the rare gift of connecting faith with life, the head with the heart. I cannot recommend him more highly.

     – Dr. Timothy Gray • President of the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado

Thomas Smith is one of the most gifted speakers I know. He has an unusual gift for making the beautiful details of salvation history accessible to those who are just beginning as well as those who have been studying the Bible for many years. This is a rare gift and Thomas does it with generosity and enthusiasm. Those who have heard Thomas speak, will walk away wanting to know more about the Bible and more importantly will want to deepen their relationship with the author, the living Word, Jesus Christ.
     – Jeff Cavins • Author of the Great Adventure Bible Timeline Series
Thomas Smith is the ideal 21st century Catholic speaker and evangelist.  He mixes a vast knowledge of the past with a compelling contemporary presentation style.  He is relevant, compassionate, and genuine. Thomas was the perfect choice for our parish mission.  He is light hearted and at the same time he moves hearts.  I recommend him to every parish or conference without hesitation.
    – Fr Randy Dollins • Vicar General, Archdiocese of Denver

Thomas Smith is one of the most engaging, down to earth, dynamic scripture scholars out there. His ability to teach is truly a gift. He doesn’t only impart knowledge, he leads people closer to the heart of scripture: Jesus Christ.
      – Chris Stefanick • author of Raising Pure Teens, international speaker, founder and President of Real Life Catholic
Thomas is a very gifted teacher of the faith, because he is a man of great faith.
Across the board, participants from our annual diocesan-sponsored Catechist Ministry Day kept talking about how great Thomas Smith’s keynote and workshop presentations were. He was an outstanding choice, bar none!
    – Carson Weber • Assoc. Dir. for New Media Evangelization for the Diocese of Sacramento, California
I have traveled thousands of miles just to hear Thomas Smith share his tremendous knowledge of Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation. He brings every book of the Bible alive for each participant from the newest to the most seasoned biblical student!
    – Colleen Lum Lung • Faith Formation, St. Thomas More parish, Littleton, Colorado
At 79 years of age I have attended many missions in various venues. This has been my best experience. Your final presentation on the Works of Mercy was a truly emotional experience for me.
    – Peter B. • parishioner, Prince of Peace, Sun City, Florida
Thomas’ extensive theological background and his ongoing study of the Bible make him a well rounded scriptural scholar as well as an engaging presenter. Our parish members always welcome the clarity and wisdom they find in Thomas’ teaching.
    – Barbara Howard • Coordinator of Small Church Communities for Spirit of Christ Catholic Community , Arvada, CO
If you want your community to be on fire with zeal for the Gospel, Thomas Smith is the match.
    – Christopher Moore • Pastoral Assistant for Christ the King Parish in Evergreen, CO
I can’t recommend enough for you to make the effort to listen to Thomas Smith. His humor and passion show that he practices what he preaches.
    – Fr. Peter Mussett • Pastor, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center in Boulder, CO
Thomas Smith is easy to follow because he tells a story just as Christ did.
    – Vince Meis • participant, Spirit and Truth Conference, Dubuque, Iowa
Thomas Smith is gifted with the ability to express complex and well-researched materials into simple and very understandable presentation. Not only is it evident that he has command of the subject at hand, but that he has lived it and incorporated it in his own life, hence, he speaks from his heart and directly to his listeners’ hearts. He is a dynamic and captivating speaker.
    – Dolly Banzon • President, Philippine Catholic Biblical Mission Foundation
Thomas Smith has been a great blessing to have teach in various ways at our parish and in the Denver area. He has wonderful insights and wonderful personal way of getting those across to everyday Catholics. I would certainly recommend to pastors and Adult Education Directors to have Thomas Smith speak at their own parish.
    – Andrew Watson • Director of Religious Education for St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Denver, Colorado
I loved Thomas Smith’s talks – very engaging, loved his story, great hints and tools for evangelizing. I liked his talks the best of all talks I heard at the conference. He used great imagery and had thorough explanations. He was a blessing.
    – Ann D. • Earlville, Iowa
Thomas’ clear, simple, and spirit-filled preaching visibly moved many parishioners to prayer and gave us a tantalizing sampler of the rich spiritual practices in the Catholic Church.
    – Ann Yeong • Catechist and Director of Youth & Young Adults for St. Mary of the Angels Parish in Singapore
Thomas Smith is a gifted, dynamic speaker with an uncommon depth of knowledge. He really gets the audience engaged, thinking & praying!
    – Deacon Scott Pearhill • Holy Spirit Catholic Community in Pocatello, Idaho
Thomas has been to our parish twice in less than 18 months because people wanted to hear more from him. He has many amazing gifts – eloquence, humor, wisdom, spiritual insight and catechetical knowledge – that he uses each like an artist uses assorted brushes to paint a beautiful portrait of scripture that is understandable, practical, and inspirational. The enduring gift that Tom leaves behind is a framed canvas of the Word for people to further contemplate and study on their own.
    – Fr. David Bluejacket • Spirit of Christ Catholic Community in Arvada, Colorado
Thomas Smith’s talks were insightful, practical, and inspiring. He was very easy to listen to! I could have listened all day!
    – Colleen P. • Organizer for the Spirit & Truth Conference in Dubuque, Iowa
We have had the privilege of having Thomas Smith at our parish in Singapore for a biblical seminar and it was a resounding success. Feedback from the participants was enthusiastic and encouraging. It built a deeper sense of the relevance of scripture in their life and a thirst to further develop their understanding and love for the Word of God.
    – Fr. John-Paul Tan, O.F.M. • Chancellor of Archdiocese of Singapore
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